Gan Canny - Digital Watercolour - Vaux Brewery Dray Horses - Sunderland

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Gan Canny - Digital Watercolour - Vaux Brewery Dray Horses - Sunderland

Check out "Gan Canny", a sculpture that's like a snapshot of a busy day in the life of two draymen. One guy's sitting pretty on top of the cart, holding the reins, while his buddy's down on the ground, feeding one of the horses a snack. Meanwhile, their cart's loaded up with all sorts of goodies - Vaux beer barrels, crates, and bottles galore. But it's not all fun and games; you can tell these guys are hard at work, judging by the bucket and shovel tossed in with the rest of the cargo, just waiting to be used to clean up any mess left behind.


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